aube consulting

December 2023, celebrating our 7th anniversary

aube consulting 

by Shinonome Keikaku K.K. 

company profile

Shinonome Keikaku K.K. was established in December 2016 under a commitment to better serve the world with our distinct management skills and analytical methodology backed by agility. We take pride in being a business entity covering wide range of services, from project management, trade & investment to research & consulting, under aube service brands. Our corporate and brand names, "aube" and "Shinonome", both signify a promising ray of hope that will guide us to a brighter future.

We are committed to offering our customers the first class service in making your dreams come true. The Shinonome management is proud to present our chief project manager, who has profound experiences in ministerial duty, university teaching, trade & investment business planning, as well as research & consulting for over 25 years. We will continue to serve our customers with faith, sincerity and humbleness. 


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